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Athletic Surfaces

Sport Court has a variety of options for your flooring needs, whether that means an indoor flooring solution, or an athletic surface designed for outdoor use!

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The latest additions to our line of quality indoor sports flooring products are from Tarkett Sports. From multi-use gym flooring to competitive basketball courts, weight room flooring to yoga studios, volleyball flooring to indoor tennis courts, Tarkett Sports offers a wide range of indoor sports surfaces for many different activities and levels of competition.

We also want to highlight the revolutionary Maple Select™ flooring, which delivers the look and feel of a suspended hardwood maple floor. This is not a stick-on vinyl application that will curl and peel- the hardwood maple pattern is embedded in the flooring and protected by the urethane top coat. 

Indoor Athletic Surfaces



A high performing floor for middle and secondary school gyms, this surface has a hardwood look without the hardwood cost. ResponseMaple™ can be retrofitted over most existing surfaces, including VCT/VAT and concrete, and requires no adhesive or anchors.



Perfect for school gyms, churches, and multi-purpose facilities, this floor is the choice for USA Volleyball and the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships.





Defense™, which was originally designed to provide a superior skating experience for roller hockey, is a top of the line floor that's perfect for multi-sport play. This affordable floor can be used for a wide range of activities in elementary schools, rec centers and other multi-purpose facilities.



The characteristics of Omnisports  makes it ideal for basketball, volleyball, martial arts, yoga, and many other applications. The versatility of Omnisports goes beyond just sports; it can be used for conferences and assemblies for schools, universities, and community centers.



EcoPure linoleum is a landmark achievement in sports flooring, bringing an all-natural, sustainable surface to school gymnasiums, recreation areas, and multipurpose rooms. This Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified floor can withstand extreme abrasion, never needs waxing, and is naturally resistant to bacteria.

PolyTurf Plus

PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour

PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour is a seamless sports floor that is designed to withstand heavy bleachers, tables, and chairs with maximum durability. It also provides a high quality playing surface with shock absorption, precise game line markings, and stain resistance. There are numerous colors and shock pads to choose from



Tarkett Sports’ Dropzone rubber flooring is the industry standard for weight rooms. These flooring options can absorb the impact of weights as well as withstand heavy traffic and exercise. They are ideal solutions for weight room flooring, exercise room flooring, or fitness flooring.

Clutch Court Indoor Flooring


Tarkett Sports’ CluthCourt Maple hardwood has always been the traditional choice for basketball flooring. Tarkett Sports’ ClutchCourt honors that tradition with modern innovations to create the perfect competitive surface.



Tarkett Sports’ Lumaflex is a substructure of sturdy birch plywood and shock absorbing foam that raises the profile of a resilient sports floor to create a combination system. This increased height delivers additional comfort and safety, while still retaining the practical benefits of a resilient sports surface.

Outdoor Athletic Surfaces



PowerGame™ is the perfect outdoor playing surface for almost every sport including basketball, roller hockey, and tennis. It's a revolutionary new surface that provides superior traction capability while minimizing skin abrasions in the event of a fall. It's the highest rated surface available on the market.

Athletes and orthopedists alike know concrete is the archenemy of the knee. Unlike pavement, our Ortho-Cush™ surface softens the blow as you come down for a rebound and springs back for the fast break. It reduces knee strain on every cut through the lane with the "give" of its Lateral Forgiveness™ technology. With its superior traction, it helps prevent your kids from ever even knowing what an orthopedist is.



SportGame™ is the advanced athletic surface technology for multi-sport play. The Patent Pending design provides excellent traction and low abrasion for safe play at an affordable price. The Lateral Forgiveness™ helps to reduce joint stress and fatigue without sacrificing ball bounce and response.



The ideal surface for racquet sport players of all abilities, SportDeck™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. SportDeck has been the stalwart of outdoor surfaces for nearly two decades and provides excellent ball control and pace of play while reducing joint stress and fatigue with patented Lateral Forgiveness™.



Eagle is our premium golf green product, with the thickest weave of knitted nylon per square yard available in the industry. Its natural green color makes it an attractive complement to any yard, and the density of the fibers delivers consistent ball roll that will last for years.



Birdie is an excellent choice for the backyard putting green, delivering a quality ball roll and break at an affordable price. With 48 oz. of tufted nylon per square yard, your Birdie green will deliver years of quality play.



Our Par turf is a great choice for the recreational backyard green, featuring a thick weave and foam pad for a real-grass feel. Perfect for beginners learning the game, Par turf is a durable and attractive addition to any backyard.



Surround your green with lush fringe turf for a real-grass look and feel that gives you an optimal place to practice short chip shots. Tufted nylon with a reinforced root zone let the "blades" stand up to continuos use without losing the realistic look.



The easy to install, easier to maintain surface for patios, decks, garages — almost any flat space to protect or dress up. Waterproof, UV-resistant and colorfast, and available in a variety of beautiful colors to match your house, fencing or yard. Requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning, and installs without adhesives or fasteners.


Portafloor EX

Transform your playing field into a concert venue or event gathering on stable event flooring. Portafloor EX™ allows water and air to flow through keeping grass healthy for several days.

Portafloor SSC

Portafloor SSC

Portafloor SSC™ is intended for use over artificial turf and other firm, flat surfaces. It creates a strong event floor, keeps debris away, and protects your valuable playing surface from damage and deterioration.

Portafloor Pro

Portafloor Pro

The leader in premier durable tent and event flooring, Portafloor Pro™ has been updated with an improved durability and cooling process to handle all of your temporary flooring needs.



EcoLawn™ is the perfect "green" solution for those who want a beautiful yard year-round with less work and expense, while creating more time to do the things they love.




Play Turf SportLawn™

SportLawn™ is the perfect solution for your backyard play areas, batting cages, and other recreational applications, such as bocce ball courts. Our high-quality line of turf products provide extra comfort and require virtually no maintenance.




SportBase is a high-performance concrete replacement for your Game Court or outdoor court surface. SportBase is made from 100% recycled material and was specifically engineered for use under a Game Court system. It's what's underneath that counts.