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    Four Social Benefits of Youth Sports

    Sure, sports can help keep your child active, but they’re about so much more than that.Youth sports also offer a range of social benefits:TeamworkSports teach kids how to work together to reach a common goal. It teaches them to think of the team instead of themselves. They’ll learn how to work with a range of different personality types, in all types of scenarios.Through sports, children learn that they won’t always be able to control the outcome of a game.

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    Improve Your Volleyball Game with These Tips

    Sport Court is one of the most trusted court brands in sports – especially volleyball. Not only are we the official supplier for USA national teams since 1989, but we have also been the official surface for both USA volleyball and NCAA volleyball for over 20 years! The reason we make such great courts is because we know the game, we know what’s needed to make a high-quality court that is a cut above the rest. While we do what we can to help you play your best game, it’s ma...

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    Improve Your Basketball Shot with These 3 Tips

    Ever hear your dad or coach say “Nothing worth having comes easy?” Your basketball shot will thank you for paying attention to that. If you want to connect your shots like Stephen Curry, you’re going to have to run through a few basic steps for a while. We’ve searched far and wide for the best tips to get nothing but net with your shots. Warm Up Before You ShootAll things that catch fire need to warm up first.

  • Fantastic 2017 Indoor Projects from Sport Court North

    As the cold weather whips outside, sports fans and athletes are moving indoors. As the season starts to hit its peak, this is the perfect time to think about the quality indoor projects available from Sport Court North. Let’s take a look at a few projects from 2017 that we are particularly proud of: Our first example is an indoor court in Green Bay, WI that features 3 wall-mounted hoops on a Maple Select court with a Nike logo. This is a great space to practice – or play a ...

  • What is Pickleball? How to Play and Why You Should

    For those looking for a new sport that all can play, pickleball is the number one choice. Strategy is just as important as stamina in this easy-on-the-joints, yet cardio-intensive game that has been drastically growing in popularity over the years.The game is a mashup of many classic sports: tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It can be played with 2-4 players and takes place on indoor or outdoor courts that are smaller than tennis boundaries. How to PlayPlay consists of serves and volley...

  • Tips For Motivating Young Athletes

    Tips for motivating young athletes can help you develop a stronger team, larger influence, and more enjoyment from the sport. Help your young athletes feel valuable and want to work harder on the court by utilizing these simple communication tactics. Positive ReinforcementRather than pointing out the issues with the way an athlete plays, try focusing on the positive aspects of their game. Young athletes are not accustomed to being berated and will respond better to praise.

  • Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up For Fall Athletics

    With the school year underway, your kids are likely busy with homework, making friends, and learning all kinds of new things. It may seem like your schedule is too hectic to fit in a youth sport as well, but take a minute to consider the bountiful benefits! You cannot put a price on the life lessons, physical skills, and relationship building your kids will learn while enrolled in athletics. Life LessonsSports present a great foundation for what it is like to function with strict rules.

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    A Simple Solution to Perfect Your Putting Game

    Working on your putting game might be the most important part of becoming a great golfer. If you recall any television show or movie from the 1980s involving big business, you’d likely find a cliche boss in his big office practicing putting on a turf green into a cup. That’s one way to work on your golf game, but it’s probably not the best. Another way is to install an actual putting green in your backyard.

  • The Taylors Get a Sport Court: A Customer Testimonial

    To start, I want to express the excellent experience I felt from the beginning of my interactions with Kevin Zwart from Sport Court North. Initially, I was very apprehensive that a court could be placed in my yard that would satisfy my overall size and cost needs. When I made my first outreach, Kevin was very upfront and professional. Kevin arrived for my appointment during a time that fit my schedule.

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    Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

    Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, there are always ways to improve your tennis game. These tips will help you get the most out of this fantastic sport.    Upgrade Your GearIt is important to have the right gear when you play tennis to both improve your game and protect your body from injuries.

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    Jump Your Way to Better Health – Sport Court

    Ever get jealous of those little kids in your neighborhood bouncing around on their trampolines all summer? They’re not only having a great time, but they’re getting a pretty good workout as well. No matter your age, you can enjoy the health benefits of jumping on a trampoline, too!Cardiovascular ConstitutionDid you know that trampoline exercise is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular health?

  • One Person Basketball Games to Use on Your Sport Court

    Practice always makes perfect. To become great at a particular sport, it takes a lot of time and effort. When you buy a basketball court from Sport Court North, you’ll have plenty of time to practice your favorite sport.

  • How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes

    Have you ever heard of the saying, “the right shoes can make or break an outfit?” Similar to this sentiment, the right basketball shoes can make or break your game performance. Choosing the perfect form-fitting and performance-durable basketball shoes can alter the way you train and perform on the court. Take a look at our guide for finding the right footwear below.Think About What You NeedIn finding the perfect basketball shoes, there are a variety of factors to take into considerat...

  • Outdoor Hockey Rinks Have Major Benefits!

    Getting in ice time isn’t always easy when you’re a hockey player. Local arenas are usually meant for team practices and there isn’t a lot of time for individual players to find time to hone their skills by themselves. When you’re young, there’s nothing more important than finding time to practice puck- and stick-handling, individual moves on your skates and just taking shots at the net.As you get older and start to play pick-up hockey, you get fewer practices in be...

  • The Benefits of an Indoor Court During the Winter Months

    Winter months can be tough on a kid. Sure, there are days filled with sledding and ice skating, but there are also days where it can be dangerous to go outside. And let’s face it, when it comes to many winter activities outdoors, there is usually a time limit.

  • Mastering Your Basketball Skills On and Off the Court

    As a basketball player, you can’t become Michael Jordan or LeBron James overnight. It takes time and dedication to become a skilled athlete on the hardwood. And it’s not just physical attributes that will make you a solid player.

  • Mastering Your Basketball Skills On and Off the Court

    As a basketball player, you can’t become Michael Jordan or LeBron James overnight. It takes time and dedication to become a skilled athlete on the hardwood. And it’s not just physical attributes that will make you a solid player.

  • Staying Active Indoors During the Winter

    Just because there’s snow on the ground in the Upper Midwest, it doesn’t mean you have to stop living an active lifestyle. There are plenty of activities and exercises you can do to maintain your weight and energy when the weather is too cold to do anything outside. Here are five different activities you can do to break a sweat after the temperature drops:1.

  • Indoor Training with Sport Court North

    As most athletes know, the best way to become a better athlete is to train. Training effectively and training often are essential components to becoming a better athlete.What better location to train than indoors and from the comfort of your own living space?An indoor Sport Court from Sport Court North can help you get in shape and stay in shape without ever having to leave the house, which can be advantageous in the adverse weather conditions of the winter season. Imagine having the f...

  • The Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports

    Engaging in new and different sports can reap multiple benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health. Sometimes athletes can get into a rut when the sports season winds down or when they become too dedicated to one particular sport. Check out four benefits of experimenting with new sports below: 1.

  • A Customer's Journey with Sport Court North

    Anytime that Sport Court North receives a testimonial from a client, we want to share their experience with the general public. We received quite the testimonial from Michael Sokol in July. Michael is from Minneapolis and is a proud University of Minnesota graduate. He showed that off with his choice of Sport Court. We want to thank Michael for his honesty and thoroughness in his review.Here is what Michael had to say about his experience with us: “My journey started as I wa...

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    The Time Is Now To Get A Sport Court

    This is the perfect time of year to get an outdoor Sport Court installed on your property. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the number of activities you can play on a Sport Court are endless.A court installed this summer in Portage, WisconsinSport Court multi-use game courts are the perfect answer for families who want a variety of sports and activities available to them in one place. From a basketball court to over 15 games played on one court, Sport Court North and Sport Court Wisco...

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    The Benefits of Summer Outdoor Activities

    Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get your kids outside to play in the warm weather! There are many reasons why your kids should be playing outside, from running and getting exercise to making messes in the outdoors instead of doing it in the house. The biggest benefit for playing outside is getting regular exercise instead of being inactive indoors during the warmest months of the year.

  • Installing A Sport Court

    Are you looking into different ways to spend your summer? Do you love the outdoors and sports? No matter what your game is, installing a Sport Court® brand athletic court may just be what you’re looking for to help you improve the quality of your family life and your sport during the summer.

  • Could You Be The Next Michael Jordan?

      “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed.

  • Making the Most Out of Your Trampoline

    Trampolines offer so much room and space for versatile activities for kids and adults. They make a great space for everyone to fine-tune their motor skills and to increase balance and coordination in an exciting and thrilling way. For ideas on games and exercises, look no further than here.

  • Recovering and Preventing Common Basketball Injuries

    This time of year, basketball season is in full swing. Unfortunately, with this popular sport comes a number of common injuries. Whether you play in a league, on weekends for fun, or just watch your children enjoy the sport, you are probably familiar with the sprains, swelling and bruises that come along with this and many other recreational activities.

  • Indoor Home Gym: Fun for the Whole Family

    With the temperatures plummeting and as the holidays approach, many people enjoy staying in the comfort of their own homes. This can be a dilemma for families who love being active, but with an indoor sport court, they don’t have to feel torn between comfort and adventure. For the kids, an at-home sport court is the perfect place to be active and adventurous.

  • Planning an Indoor Home Court

    Adding a court to your home may more simple than you think. Whether you are building a new home, adding an addition, or remodeling a space, building an indoor court takes can be an exciting addition to your home. Families throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin are enjoying the ability to use their indoor Sport Court year round.

  • Surface Matters

    If you have ever run or played basketball on a concrete court, you have noticed how hard it can be on your legs. Playing basketball on concrete can, over an extended period of time, lead to shin splints, joint pain (especially at the knees) and stress fractures. Concrete has no give and absorbs all of our impact without giving anything back - not to mention can do quite a bit of damage to your arms and legs if you happen to take a bad fall.

  • Get Ready for Hockey Season

    Make the most of your performance this upcoming season by practicing drills in your free time. Stickhandling is a fundamental skill that many players can easily improve upon and it’s a simple skill that you can practice off the rink. Practice these exercises for a few minutes each day on your Sport Court to improve your hockey skills.

  • So, What is This Pickleball Craze All About?

    Pickleball might be the fastest growing sport today. The USA Pickleball Association estimates that over 400,000 people are now actively playing. People of all ages have jumped on the bandwagon; seniors like the socializing and ability to stay active while younger generations enjoy the competitive nature of the sport.

  • Create the Perfect Entertainment Area

    When you think of backyard entertainment areas, you think of possibilities ranging from pools, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits, but have you ever considered entertaining with your own personal sports arena? Think about it. Enhance any summer barbecue with a scrimmage on your own home basketball court.

  • Volleyball Workouts and Drills to do at Home

    It’s about that time of year again, volleyball season! It’s time to kick things into overdrive and sharpen up those skills. You may be thinking, “I don’t know how to practice without a team, or I am not sure how to workout outside the gym,” but throw those excuses away because we are here to give you the latest volleyball workouts and drills that you can do on your home Sport Court.

  • Keep Your Short Game on Par

    Much of the sport of golf is related to players’ short game. It can be incredibly frustrating at times, but being a good green reader and putter can make or break your golf game. Like with any sport, golf requires practice to develop your skills.

  • Basketball Games For All Ages

    Many kids play basketball as an extracurricular activity while they are in school. Basketball is a great sport to enjoy not only as a kid, but later on with your friends, family, and eventually children. Think back on how were you first introduced to the game of Basketball; for many it is one of many games that helped hone your skills to get you to the next level.

  • Make the Best Use of Tight Spaces

    Courts come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes space can be limited, and it may seem impossible to fit your dream court in the space provided. Don’t fret, because at Sport Court North we have the ability to install courts in nontraditional and tight spaces!

  • Why Springfree Trampolines are a Safer Option Than Traditional Trampolines

    Owning a trampoline is a great activity for kids of all ages to enjoy during the summer. Although it is a great outdoor activity, a traditional trampoline can come with potential injuries. Buying a springfree trampoline is a much safer option, here is why: The net- The safety net on a Springfree trampoline has ninety attachment points to ensure that there is no way that the user could fall out from underneath the net.

  • Your Passions, Your Court

     Sports, to some people, can move out of the realm of hobby and into the region of way of life. Its one thing to lazily look over your shoulder at the game from your kitchen, checking the score, and quite another to start applying face paint three hours before the game starts. To some people, sports are a release, an outlet, a ritual- not just a way to pass a sunday afternoon.

  • Customize Your Court to Your Liking

       Here at Sport Court, we pride ourselves in fitting you with a custom-designed court. We can build a court of any size or configuration to your liking. Does your son loves basketball, but your daughter wants to practice her volleyball spikes?

  • A Hockey Rink for All Seasons

    Hockey season is coming to its end; the Stanley Cup Finals are underway. All over the country, people are cheering on their favorite teams, or perhaps adamantly cheering against conference rivals. Hockey, especially in the northern states, has some of the most diligent fans in professional sports.

  • Keep Your Children Active and Healthy this Summer!

    The school year is coming to a close and children are about to begin their summer vacation. Today, it is getting more and more difficult for parents to pull kids away from their electronic devices and get them to spend some time in the fresh air. Installing an outdoor court in your yard can be the perfect way to keep your children safe and entertained this summer.

  • Connor Sport Court International plans move to larger facility in 2013

    Connor Sport Court International recently announced its plans to move its Sport Court division to a new 162,000 square foot office, manufacturing and warehouse facility in early 2013. This move will replace its current accommodations, which includes a 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a separate 69,000 square foot warehouse. By moving to the new facility all of Sport Court’s Salt Lake operations will be under one roof.

  • NCAA Women’s Division I Volleyball Championship to be Played on Courts from Sport Court

      The 2012 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championships to be held December 13 and 15 at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY will be contested on courts from Connor Sport Court. Sport Court is once again featured as the official playing surface of the Championships, as well as the Regionals held December 7 and 8 at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, Calif.; CenturyLink Center Omaha in Omaha, Neb.; Gregory Gymnasium in Austin, Texas; and Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Ind.

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QuickStart Tennis Comes to the White House, USTA joins Let's Move Initiative

August 4, 2010 01:10 PM
By Erin Bruehl, USTA.com

The meeting with President Obama capped what was already a tremendously successful afternoon of tennis at the White House on Tuesday, August 3. The clinic, featuring the QuickStart play format, was part of the South Lawn Series, a summer-long series of events that brings local children, sports leagues and community programs to the South Lawn in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to fight childhood obesity.

The QuickStart play format scales down the game of tennis for children 10-and-under, with age appropriate equipment for them including smaller courts, smaller racquets and softer tennis balls, to make the game easier to learn and more fun for the children.

"It is a thrill to be here on the grounds of the White House to showcase tennis and the QuickStart format. Our new teaching method makes it much easier for younger children to play tennis," said USTA Chairman of the Board and President Lucy S. Garvin. "We know that the First Family (President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha) are four of the 30 million people who play tennis and that is a great thing for us. By continuing to work with great programs such as Let’s Move! and by ensuring access to our sport in all local communities, we will continue to grow this game."

On the South Lawn, eight 36’ QuickStart courts were set up with the children rotating from court to court with different coaches to practice different drills and tennis activities - including hitting with Querrey and the Bryans - who were impressed with all the young players and praised the QuickStart play format as a great way for kids to learn.

"We were surprised by how good they were," Bob Bryan said. "I think QuickStart is a great way to start tennis. It is easy for kids to play and pick up a racquet and feel good. With a small racquet in their hand, a soft ball and a ball that really goes through the air, it is good for kids to start like this."

The Bryan brothers, fresh off winning their record-setting 62nd career doubles title at the Farmers Classic in Los Angeles last week, took their doubles game to the QuickStart courts this time. They hit balls with many young doubles teams, with a few players able to hit the foam ball past them.

"Nice shot!" Mike Bryan called to one little girl and flashed her the thumbs up sign. Bob added to another pair of young boys, "You got us!"
Ellie Kimmelman, 11, of Washington, D.C., had a successful doubles match with the Bryans and had the honor of shaking hands with President Obama.

"It was a lot of fun," she said of the clinic. "It was nice to have the brothers here, I have watched them on television for years. I was like hyperventilating (when she saw the President). It was really nice to shake his hand."

Activities at other stations ranged from rallying over the net, to doing drills, and one group stood in a circle and hit the foam ball from person to person to keep it from hitting the ground.

And on another court, Querrey, who captured the singles title at the Farmers Classic last week, bounced koosh balls back and forth on racquets with varying young partners. Playing with one young player, the two moved farther apart, tossing the koosh ball back and forth with their racquets until the ball dropped and then they started again close together.

"Are you ready for a tough one?" Querrey asked the girl. She nodded and Querrey sent the koosh ball high into the air, making it more difficult for her to catch it on her racquet, but she was equal to the task.
Malkia Menguene, 9, of Maryland, was one of Querrey’s partners and also had the chance to shake the President’s hand.

"It was really cool," she said. "(Querrey) said I did awesome. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Not everybody gets to play tennis at the White House."

It was Querrey’s first trip to the White House and he enjoyed playing on the small courts with the children. He thinks QuickStart is a great way for children to learn how to play tennis - and wishes he could have learned with smaller equipment.

"Definitely I wish there was QuickStart when I was a kid," he said. "I just started on a regular tennis court trying to hit the ball as hard as I could when I was about two feet tall so it is nice to have a scaled down version.

"The kids got the hang of it (tossing the koosh balls) and they caught on quickly," he added. "It is pretty special (being at the White House). I have never been here before so it is fun to come on the grounds."

The kids all appreciated the great feedback they received from the players and the vote of encouragement for tennis from President Obama, including Alex Miller, 10, of Maryland.

"I did get to shake hands with the professional players and the President," he said. "The players said ‘Good job’ and the President told us tennis was a great sport and to keep playing. QuickStart is pretty cool, it is fun and the equipment is not too big or too small."

The Bryans and Querrey then played a triples match against a few lucky children with their father, Wayne Bryan, announcing the mini-event. The professionals just squeaked out the first-to-five-points match, winning 5-4. Mike

Bryan then asked the young girl on the other team if she was interested in playing mixed doubles at the US Open. However, she declined.

But overall, it was a winning afternoon for the game of tennis as everyone had a tremendous amount of fun and a lot of young talent was on display.

"There is talent here. The kids just have to be exposed at a young age," Mike Bryan said. "We (Bob and Mike) were lucky enough to pick a racquet when we were two years old. If these kids start young with QuickStart, you never know, they have to keep it up and there could be some champions in here."

Nicholas (left) and Michael Mandera on the balcony overlooking the basketball court in their new Glenview home. The balcony is level with the rest of the basement, and stairs descend to the court dug out under the garage. (Julie Fabiszak/Staff Photographer)

Home court advantage

Personal sport courts are scoring in luxury home market By Stephanie Fosnight

Staff Writer
Pioneer Press

8-year-old Nicholas Mandera (right) and 11-year-old Michael Mandera (far right) shoot some hoops with friends Danny Schiltz and Alek Jensen (backs) at their new in-house basketball court. (Julie Fabiszak/Staff Photographer)

Michael and Nicholas Mandera haven't moved into their new house yet, but every day they're pestering their mom to drive them over.

The 11- and 8-year-old boys don't care about watching the painters or the electricians. Instead they head downstairs. When they get to the end of the basement, they arrive at a surprising balcony. Below the balcony stretches a basketball player's dream -- a personal court dug 23 feet under the garage.

"It started out as a playful Sport Court®, but then we realized the kids need the space for an arc when they do their playing," said Frances Mandera, who brings her sons and their friends over to the new house for a little court time.

The Manderas are among those taking advantage of indoor sport courts. The athletic flooring company Sport Court®, an installation giant whose clients include the Chicago Bulls, has carved out a lucrative little niche in the luxury home market.

"Last year we did 35 indoor gyms," said Pat Walker of Sport Court Midwest. "We've worked with lots of builders on the North Shore."

The Mandera gym includes a regulation hoop and scoreboard, flooring, wall pads and a double rack of bouncy new Spalding basketballs. It's enough to make any winter-confined athlete drool. Just in case, there's also a shiny new water fountain.

The shower and steam room are adjacent to the basketball court.
Walker has one word to describe the Mandera court: "Sweet!"

"I wish I would have grown up in one of those houses," he remarked enviously. "I was scraping off the driveway in 10 degrees."

Sport Court® also installs home gyms for tennis, volleyball, batting practice, yoga, Pilates, roller hockey and sophisticated putting and driving greens.

"If you've got the money, you can pretty much do anything," said Walker. He estimates that a standard half-basketball court with hoops, wall pads and scoreboard that's installed in a 16-foot basement costs between $25,000 and $30,000.

While clients say they install the courts for their kids, Walker said the whole family ends up getting involved and they spread the word among their friends.

"Our customers turn almost evangelical about it," he said.
The Mandera boys may be the envy of their social circle, but not all of their dreams have come true. Their father, Perry Mandera, emphasized that only water will be dispensed from the drinking fountain.

"The kids want Hawaiian Punch to come out of it, but that's not going to happen," he said.

New Video Tells of Sport Court's Importance To Volleyball

USA Volleyball and NCAA Agree: Sport Court® Changed the Game of Volleyball by Leaps and Bounds

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWeb), October 13, 2010 - A new three minute video featuring USA Volleyball and NCAA® officials discussing the importance of Sport Court's contributions to the growth of volleyball has been released for public viewing.

To watch, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFP5FxM-Fc4

Sport Court® is now in its 21st year of being the official surface for USA Volleyball, said Ron Cerny, President and CEO of Connor Sport Court International, parent company of Sport Court®, based in Salt Lake City. "In addition, we have been the only surface used for the NCAA Volleyball Championships since 1993"

The video explains how volleyball experienced tremendous growth once Sport Court® demonstrated that its court surfaces provided ideal performance as well as ease-of-use.

Prior to Sport Court's appearance on the volleyball scene, championships had to be divided among many venues in a community, with basketball courts being re-striped to accommodate the sport.

Says Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball, "It is difficult to overstate the impact Sport Court® has had on our sport. It has changed the culture of our sport . . .it has enabled us to play the game in facilities that were never available before."

Mike Chandler, Managing Director of Events for USA Volleyball, says "We wouldn't be where we are without Sport Court®. With Sport Court® we can put together a hundred courts in two days."

Tina Krah, Associate Director of Championships for the NCAA, says "Sport Court® changed the look of our championships. Sport Court® provides the 'wow factor' and a unified look."

Erika Austin, Assistant Director of Licensing of the NCAA, says "It's an added bonus when our players can come in and play on a quality court, and Sport Court® provides that."

"Sport Court® floors are so portable, easy to lay down, and friendly to our athletes. Because of their resiliency, durability and color component it (Sport Court) has become part of the excitement of playing volleyball," Beal said.

"Sport Court® spurred the growth of women's volleyball almost as much as Title 9," Beal added.

"Our Response playing surface is a state-of-the-art engineered polymer surface, which has Lateral Forgiveness™ for player safety while at the same time providing the resiliency needed in this fast-moving sport," Cerny said.

"Our engineers constantly develop and improve this court system, making it the indisputable choice for volleyball players the world over," Cerny added.

In September Sport Court® became an official Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Partner in Development at a signing ceremony on Wednesday, September 8th at the 2010 World Congress in Rome, Italy.

About Connor Sport Court International ?

More athletic events are played on Connor Sport Court® surfaces than on any other sports flooring in the world. Sport Court® is a registered trade mark of Connor Sport Court International. Since 1974, it has identified the original and authentic modular sport surface, continuously improved and patented to provide the highest levels of quality and performance. Sport Court® is the official playing surface of USA Volleyball and the Men's and Women's NCAA Volleyball Championship. Sport Court® is also an official Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Partner.