Many kids play basketball as an extracurricular activity while they are in school. Basketball is a great sport to enjoy not only as a kid, but later on with your friends, family, and eventually children. Think back on how were you first introduced to the game of Basketball; for many it is one of many games that helped hone your skills to get you to the next level. These games are the way to pass on the tradition of sportsmanship and hard work to the next generation of ball players.


In this game, strategy is a key component. The idea is to one-up the person you are playing by taking shots from tricky angles. This game can have a multitude of variations. To play, an order of players needs to be set. The first person takes a shot from any position they choose. If they miss, the second person can make an attempt at the same position or any different one of their choice.  Once a basket is made, the remaining players must make the same shot, or they are assigned a letter. Players would continue to take turns until the original player is up again and then they make a different shot. Once a player misses enough shots to spell the word horse, that player is out and the others continue to play until only the winner remains.


Lightning is a game you may recognize by another name like Knockout, Bumpout or Gotcha. This game requires two or more players, more commonly a whole classroom of students and two basketballs. The players line up on the free throw line. The first player shoots, and if he misses the second player throws. They continue to throw simultaneously until one of them makes the basket. If the person behind the first shooter makes the basket, the first person is out. If the first person makes the basket before the second, they hand off the ball to the next person in line, and that person tried to make a basket before their opponent.


The rules to twenty-one can change from region to region, or even court to court. The basic rules of the game require three or more players. Players begin by throwing at the rim to see who gets possession of the ball first. The player who gets possession begins the game. From there, it is a struggle for rebounds. Players usually earn two points per basket unless they make a three-pointer. The game is played until someone scores exactly 21 points. 

Around The World

Around the world is a simple game that works to enhance players’ ability to make shots from difficult angles. Two or more players agree on an order to play in. Players take turns attempting shots in a sequence, most commonly around the hash marks around the paint of the court. The semicircular path is where the game’s name is derived from. When a basket is made from one shot, the player is allowed to advance on to the next, and the player keeps advancing until they miss a shot. The goal is for a player to make all the shots in the sequence. The first person to make it “around the world” is the winner. Another variation is if you miss a shot, you have to go back to the beginning and try to re-make the shot before advancing.

These games can be the perfect introduction to a life-long love of the game. Sharing time on the basketball court is a great way to bond, keep your children close, spend time with their friends and have more quality time as a family.

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