6 No-Mow Yard Ideas

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6 No-Mow Yard Ideas

6 No-Mow Yard Ideas

Not everyone enjoys yardwork, and unless you use electrical appliances and don’t over-water your lawn regularly, yard maintenance is not great for the environment. Instead of breaking a sweat mowing your lawn or trimming hedges, why don’t you instead break a sweat playing your favorite sport with your friends and family?

At C&C Courts, we see an open lawn as a new opportunity for a state-of-the-art game court. But there are many other options for a no-mow yard, which can be used in conjunction with a newly installed athletic court. Check out these four no-mow yard ideas from your friends at C&C Courts!

1. Artificial Turf Yard

One easy way to avoid mowing your lawn and picking out weeds is to replace your lawn with artificial turf. Artificial turf, used in many arenas around the country, is a great way to keep a beautiful-looking lawn without hard work.

Plus, artificial turf is a great way to include a putting green in your yard so that you can practice your short game. You will save money by avoiding fertilizing your yard and buying gas for a mower.

Not to mention, your yard will never turn brown!

2. Rock Gardens or Patios

Bricks, rocks, and concrete are sturdy and can resist weather changes in Minnesota. You can consider a rock garden if lawn maintenance isn’t for you.

Rock gardens require less weeding and no mowing, and you can use different rocks to create beautiful and unique patterns. An alternative, particularly in the privacy of your backyard, is to install a large patio that can double as a basketball court.

By day, you can spend time with friends and family shooting hoops and exercising; By night, you can sit around in comfortable patio chairs and relive that awesome shot you made from the three-point line.

3. Plant Native Species

Depending on the rules where you live, you might be able to get away with planting native species of plants in your yard rather than plain grass. Native species are great for the local wildlife and help keep invasive species out.

Native plants are more tolerant to extreme weather changes in Minnesota and require little to no maintenance. However, be aware that you may need permission from your city to have a native garden in your yard.

If you’re looking to keep the native plants and still have some extra entertainment in your backyard, you can have a regulation bocce ball court built in your backyard, surrounded by native plant species. Some beautiful plants native to Minnesota include Maiden Pink, Blue False Indigo, and Purple Milkweed, for starters.

4. Build a Multi-Sport Athletic Court in Your Backyard

Our favorite way to fill a yard is by building a multi-sport athletic court. These courts can be adjusted to play over 15 different sports, all in one place!

Your house will be the hub of neighborhood entertainment, where you can have tournaments and other games on the weekends. Invite your friends and family to a day full of fun and exercise.

Multi-sport athletic courts are large and can remove a decent chunk of grass from your yard maintenance list.

5. Add a Springfree® Trampoline

If you have kids or enjoy a bounce yourself, try adding a Springfree® trampoline. Springfree® trampolines are safer than traditional trampolines and are a surprising way to get a great workout, no matter what age you are. Plus, they are tons of fun, and there are plenty of trampoline games to play with your kids.

However, trampolines can take up quite a bit of yard space and can be difficult to mow underneath, so consider putting non-grass material under the trampoline, like turf or mulch. Mulch would also help suppress weeds from growing underneath the trampoline, and if you want added stability, you can use concrete under the supports of the trampoline.

6. Join the Trend with a Pickleball Court

Pickleball has exploded in popularity in recent years. If you haven’t heard about it, pickleball is a racquet sport that requires less physical exertion than tennis or other racquet sports. It combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.

It’s a fun game for all ages, and you can join the trend by building a pickleball court in your backyard. C&C Courts can help you design and build a court that requires less maintenance than grass, and you can reap the athletic benefits from it every day. Don’t fall behind the trend; start practicing now!

Call C&C Courts Today to Design Your No-Mow Yard

If you are ready to turn your lawn maintenance into fun and exercise, reach out to C&C Courts for more information and a quote. We will be with you every step of the way to create the best home game court your neighborhood has ever seen.

Call us today at 952-234-9838 or send us a message on our website for a quote!

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