Pickleball might be the fastest growing sport today. The USA Pickleball Association estimates that over 400,000 people are now actively playing. People of all ages have jumped on the bandwagon; seniors like the socializing and ability to stay active while younger generations enjoy the competitive nature of the sport. The game combines the likes of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is attractive to many players because it is simple to learn, but one can certainly advance their skills and play at a much higher level.

To play Pickleball, you need a court, 2 paddles, a plastic ball and comfortable clothes. A pickleball paddle is a bit smaller than a tennis racket but bigger than a ping-pong paddle. Paddles were originally wood but have advanced in materials and design as the game has grown in popularity. Now you can find them decorated in all colors in a variety of materials. Currently, it is popular to use bright neon colored paddles.

Many people use a whiffle ball to play, though the regulation pickleball is a bit smaller. They travel much slower than a typical tennis ball and are often white or yellow in color. Pickleball courts can be built right into your new or existing Sport Court.

Seniors account for a large proportion of pickleball players and are largely credited for the rapid growth in popularity, but there has also been a spike in the number of youth players trying the sport. Pickleball’s fast play and high pace has grown it’s popularity throughout the younger generations.

Ready to give pickleball a try? You can find a court in every state across the country! Study the official rules and regulations, work on your skills, and get in the game!