It’s about that time of year again, volleyball season! It’s time to kick things into
overdrive and sharpen up those skills. You may be thinking, “I don’t know how to practice
without a team, or I am not sure how to workout outside the gym,” but throw those excuses away
because we are here to give you the latest volleyball workouts and drills that you can do on your home Sport Court. So grab your workout gear and dig out your knee pads, because It’s time to whip
yourself back into shape!

All of the dedicated volleyball players out there will know the importance of a full body workout.
Leg strength, agility, core, and arms­ you do it all. These following workouts will help you regain
that strength for the upcoming season. Before each workout, make sure to do some sort of
cardio to warm up your body for the best results. Jog for 20 minutes, do plyometrics, dance
around the house, whatever you enjoy best, just move your body!

There are several workouts you can do for your legs, but three of the most effective workouts
include lunges, wall sits, and jumping jacks.
● Lunges­ 3 sets of 20
● Wall Sits­ 3 sets at 45 seconds
● Jumping Jacks­ 3 sets of 50

Agility plays a major role when it comes to volleyball, so pull out that childhood jump rope and
get to jumping. Switch things up and jump on one leg, change the pace, and if possible
crisscross those feet.

It is very important to keep that core nice and toned so building and maintaining a great set of
abs is a must.
● Situps­ 3 sets of 50
● Plank­ 3 sets at 45 seconds

Arm strength is an important asset in volleyball so don’t forget to give
them some love.
● Push­ups­ 3 sets of 10
● Dumbbell Lateral Raise­ 3 sets of 20

Remember that these workouts vary from person to person so if you are unable to do the same
amount of sets and reps as listed do not be afraid to take it down a notch or if you can complete
more don’t be afraid to push yourself as well.

Volleyball Drills
Practicing your volleyball skills by yourself or if possible with a partner.

Hitting Drills
Practice your approach, master your timing, and go through scenarios when the ball is not set perfectly. 

Passing Drills

● Pass to Self­: Plant your feet and lower your legs like you are passing in a live game.
Pass to yourself without moving your feet. Pass to yourself by moving forward and backward.
Pass to yourself side-­to-­side by shuffling your feet.
● Wall Pass:­ Pass forward or diagonal, using the wall to return the ball.
After getting the hang of wall passing, move into pass-­set­-hit against the wall (similar to
peppering with a partner).
● Pass-­Set-­Pass:­ Alternate between passing and setting to yourself

Hopefully we could help you get back out on the court for this upcoming season. Let us know
how it goes!