Sports, to some people, can move out of the realm of hobby and into the region of way of life. Its one thing to lazily look over your shoulder at the game from your kitchen, checking the score, and quite another to start applying face paint three hours before the game starts. To some people, sports are a release, an outlet, a ritual- not just a way to pass a sunday afternoon. At Sports Court North, we think your home court should reflect your passion.

With your own customized court, you can find the best custom colors, professional team logos, or even your own customized family crest for your backyard, indoor home court, or gymnasium floor. We also offer multi-use game courts for families who want to bring versatility and variety to their sporting adventures. Our court options cover paddle tennis, pickleball, quickstart tennis, badminton, volleyball, and basketball courts, meaning you can design a multi sport court where you can play over 15 different games to keep you busy while your team of choice is in the off season.

Sport Court even offers an interactive court builder where you can design your ideal backyard game court. After all, if you can dream it, we can build it. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your court type, dimensions, colors, and accessories, and we’ll set up a meeting between you and your local Sport Court sales representative where you can discuss and finalize your personal project to fit your space, budget, and sport. Before you design your own court, take a look at our large collection of examples, before-and-after galleries, and personal testimonials- the options for personalization are nearly endless.

At Sport Court, we want to help you bring your passions to the court. Your love of the game should be reflected in the area you play, not just with the facepaint or memorabilia. Check out some of our personalization options and get planning for your new court today.