Keep Your Short Game On Par

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Keep Your Short Game On Par

Keep Your Short Game On Par

Perhaps the most overlooked component of perfecting your golfing performance is the short game. Practicing your putting is essential to playing your best on the links, and it can be incredibly frustrating to watch your ball sail past the hole time after time.

Luckily, practice makes perfect, and becoming an excellent green reader and putter can significantly improve your golf game. Even if you’re not a pro golfer wearing a Master's jacket, you can still work on your short game and show off your skills to your friends.

Try these tips from C&C Courts to improve your short game! If you’re wondering how to practice these tips at home, you can consider building your own putting green in your backyard. That way, you can practice your short game any time you want.

Build a Routine

When you’re working on your short game, it’s a smart idea to build a routine before you putt your ball to help block out distractions. Some examples include tapping your shoes with your club, straightening your hat, and telling yourself you’ll never miss a shot because you’re the best golfer in the universe.

Developing a routine before putting helps clear your mind and allows you to focus on the next shot.

The Clock Drill

The easiest drill to improve your short game is the clock drill. You simply think of the hole as the center of a huge clock. Place three balls at three-foot increments (3, 6, and 9 feet) from the hole and additional balls at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

The goal of this drill is to make all twelve shots in a row without missing. If you miss a shot, start over from the beginning.

The Ladder Drill

The next drill to practice is the ladder drill. Place a few tees at intervals of five or ten feet. The goal is to hit the ball and get it to stop as close as possible to the tee.

Start at the closest tee and work your way back to the furthest. Once you read the end, work your way back to the closest tee. This drill helps train your eye and helps you judge distance.

The Path Drill

Many golfers struggle with what is called pushing or pulling the putt off-line. This happens when you have an in-to-out or out-to-in swing. To test your putt line, place two clubs in straight parallel lines on either side of your ball; make sure the ground is completely flat. Leave enough space between the clubs, so your putter fits between them.

If the ball hits either of the clubs, your swing is not on the line, and you can work on adjusting accordingly. This drill will help you correct your swing to make it as straight as possible. Don’t forget to follow through and hold your position at the end.

Another great exercise for controlling distance and improving the aim is to take two sturdy objects and place them a few inches apart. Line up your shot and try to make it between the small gaps. As you get better, move the obstacles closer together.

Build Your Own Putting Green with C&C Courts

C&C Courts in Minnesota is helping golfers of all ages improve their short game! Bring your best to your next golf outing after practicing on your very own putting green. C&C Courts will walk you through the entire design process and ensure you’re completely happy with the final construction.

If you want more information, give us a call at 952-234-9838 or send us a message on our website. 

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