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Athletic Surfaces For Indoor & Outdoor Sports & Games

Choose Your High Performance Game Court Surface

Every competitive game requires a superior surface to enhance every motion of every sport. C&C Courts provides innovative surface technologies and premium gym flooring materials designed to produce peak performance, maximum durability, and superior support.

What Type of Recreational Surface Do You Need?

All of our indoor and outdoor surfaces possess unique qualities that deliver outstanding results for various sporting and recreational activities. Pick between our indoor and outdoor surfaces below, or contact us to have your questions answered by one of our surface specialists!

About Our Sport Flooring Surfaces

  • Flexible Versatility Meets Unmatched Durability
    Shock absorption, extreme toughness, permanent performance; Our sport flooring surfaces are built to last by withstanding heavy loads and foot traffic.
  • Custom Color & Aesthetic Designs
    Customize your surface by choosing your favorite colors and line markings, or scale your surface to perfectly fit your spacing requirements.
  • Seamless Installation & Warranty Protection
    Our team of installation experts will swiftly design and install your custom surface flooring, and every project we take on is backed by exclusive warranties.

Superior Surface Performance From Tarkett Sports Flooring

C&C Courts is proud to partner with Tarkett Sports Flooring to offer industry leading sports flooring surfaces that cater to all competition and performance needs.

Whether you’re looking to build an immaculate basketball floor, construct a professional-quality volleyball court, or create a multi-purpose gym flooring design to accommodate a variety of physical activities, each flooring surface from Tarkett Sports Flooring has unique properties and state of the art technology to take your indoor or outdoor game court to the next level.

To get a better feel for which sports flooring surface will work best for your residential or commercial court or gym flooring, here are the premier products that Tarkett Sports Flooring has to offer.


One of the most popular gym floor surfaces in North America today, Omnisports is the quintessential surface to accommodate a variety of sporting events and recreational activities.


Its versatility doesn’t just allow for hosting anything from basketball, to volleyball, to wrestling tournaments, and more; This is the ideal sports flooring surface for schools, universities, or community centers that frequently host community gatherings and events, due to its renowned durability and multi-use properties.


PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour

With its seamless playing surface and quick installation process, PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour is another excellent surface material for multi-purpose gymnasiums.

PolyTurf Plus

It's anchored by its strong and durable polyurethane structural layer, and coating layers that seal shock pad pores, allowing for a smoother, immaculate gym floor appearance.



DropZone is the industry standard when it comes to high performance rubber flooring that’s designed to absorb shock and sound while significantly reducing injury risk. This is the flooring surface material that’s ideal for heavy traffic weight rooms or fitness centers, as they’re built to withstand heavy traffic and excessive exercise.


With its vulcanized rubber material and speckled surface design, no other surface is built to last quite like DropZone!



Fewer injuries and fatigue, more resilience and support! Lumaflex elevates sports performance thanks to its substructure of sturdy birch plywood and shock absorbing foam that’s built to provide ultimate comfort and support.

For a high-performance indoor gym flooring that offers point-elastic surface properties with natural stability underfoot, a Lumaflex floor is how players can train, workout, and practice for longer, all while minimizing injury risk. Lumaflex can also be covered by some of our other innovative surfaces, such as our Omnisports, Pad and Pour, or LinoSport flooring.



For the ultimate protection against moisture and water damage, look no further than Tarkolay athletic flooring surface! Backed by a 25-year moisture resistance warranty, Tarkolay is built to accommodate high-moisture areas, providing a long-lasting playing surface that will instantly help improve overall indoor air quality.

By removing concrete moisture conditions, Tarkolay eliminates the potential for vapor pressure to form, allowing for a more stable and smooth playing surface. Tarkolay also offers optimal sustainability, only using materials that contain no formaldehyde and are completely recyclable.



Looking to bring that outdoor playing field feel inside? With its strong polyethylene slit-film and thatch fibers, DropTurf is specifically designed for accommodating competitive indoor training areas. DropTurf is renowned for its durability, while significantly reducing abrasiveness compared to traditional nylon or polypropylene carpets.

Indoor practice facilities, specialty sport fields, training facilities, CrossFit centers; whatever indoor training area you’re trying to create, DropTurf can accommodate a wide variety of indoor sports and activities. And with all of its custom design features, you can create a truly unique playing experience by taking advantage of all the colors and design features that DropTurf has to offer.



Unparalleled sustainability and an emphasis on versatility make LinoSport flooring surfaces from Tarkett Sports Flooring an absolute must for gymnasiums looking to emphasize a multi-purpose recreational room.

It's manufactured using only natural materials, while also allowing for optimal shock absorption and abrasion resistance materials, meaning maximum comfort and support for all those who play upon it.



Every dance studio has its own unique performance requirements to accommodate heavy foot traffic while still providing superior protection and support. Dancefloor is the flooring surface that’s specifically designed to enhance cushion and footing for dancers, while also reducing stress and strain on the body.

Tarkett Sports Flooring is also proud to label Dancefloor as the preferred surface flooring of the Australian Ballet, and is even installed in the iconic Sydney Opera House!


Portable Sports Flooring

Tarkett Sports Flooring also offers multiple Portable Sports Flooring surface options, with EasyField and EasyCourt. EasyCourt offers a trademark maple wood grain pattern that captures the essence of a hardwood surface, while EasyField is crafted with portable turf panels that connect to one another through a patented interlocking knob system.

These Portable Sports Flooring surfaces are how you can take the game with you wherever you need to go!


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