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Outdoor Athletic Surface Services In Minnesota

High Performance Outdoor Game Court Surfaces

From the freezing temperatures of winter to the scorching sun of summer, our outdoor game court surfaces are built to last all year long, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way! Contact C&C Courts today to get started on customizing your high-performance outdoor game court surface!

About Our Outdoor Sport Court Surfaces

  • Advanced Athletic Surface Technology
    Superior traction, abrasion resistance, shock absorption; all of these technologies can be found in our outdoor game court surfaces.
  • Custom Designs & Seamless Installation
    Get as creative as you want with all of our customizable design options and seamless installation process.
  • Exclusive Warranties & No-Hassle Estimates
    All of our outdoor sport court surface designs and installation projects come backed by exclusive warranties and no-hassle estimates.

Safer Surfaces Equals Superior Support

Basketball, tennis, pickleball; superior outdoor game court surfaces start with implementing safer, innovative materials to provide every player with maximum comfort and support, no matter what game they’re playing.

At C&C Courts, our outdoor game court surfaces are designed with shock absorbing, anti-fatigue flooring materials that not only upgrade the safety and security of any given outdoor court we install, but are built to last and provide permanent performance for many years to come.

Outdoor Athletic Surface Options

Before we can start building you the game court of your dreams, we’ll need to find the ideal outdoor surface that will cater to your recreational needs and expectations. Click to learn more about our advanced outdoor surface technologies!

SportGame PB™

As versatile as it is durable, SportGame PB™ is the outdoor game pickleball court surface that can also be easily retrofitted over most hard surfaces. while offering more endurance than conventional acrylic courts.

With its precise ball control capabilities and implemented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, SportGame PB™ also is designed with higher shock absorption potential, through its patented technology.

Sport Game PB Tile

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Take PowerGame™ a step further with the innovative surface technologies of PowerGame+™!

This material provides superior traction capabilities, along with a high impact polypropylene surface that’s often referred to as the highest rated outdoor game surface available on the market!

Power Game Pro

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Safety meets support to create PowerGame™, an outdoor game court surface that’s tested and proven for superior game play. To put it simply, this is one of the most advanced athletic surface technologies currently available on the market, due to its excellent traction and reduced abrasion materials that provides safer play for players of all ages.

It also has Lateral Forgiveness™ technology implemented into its design, making PowerGame™ an excellent resource for decreasing joint stress and fatigue, while still allowing for optimal ball bounce performance.

Power Game Tile

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Outdoor Putting Green Surfaces

Putt like a pro in your own backyard! We design and install custom outdoor putting green surfaces that feature our Natural Break Technology(TM), giving you the most authentic ball travel a synthetic green has to offer.

Choose from four premium putting green options with state-of-the-art fibers, creating a natural turf surface that’s designed specifically for optimal speed and ball roll, simulating a completely naturalistic playing experience. With our Par Turf, Birdie Turf, Eagle Turf, and Fringe Surfaces, you’ll be sure to find the outdoor putting green surface that will accommodate any skill level or competitive experience!

Par Turf

Our most recreational putting green experience, Par Turf is designed for more casual golfers who are either learning the game or just looking for a place to escape.

Par Green

With its thick weave and foam pad, our Par Turf offers a real-grass feel, while possessing lasting durability and performance.

Birdie Turf

A step up from our Par Turf surface, Birdie Turf offers more of an emphasis on ball control, with fibers that influence ball roll and break.

Birdie Green

Birdie Turf comes with 48 ounces of tufted nylon per square yard, meaning you’ll be installing one of the most resilient, long-lasting putting greens for your indoor or backyard play.

Eagle Turf

There’s no other way to put it besides the fact that Eagle Turf is the premium putting green surface on the market. It offers the thickest weave of knitted nylon per square yard available, and its natural green color will accentuate the natural beauty of your backyard.

Eagle Green

Eagle Turf’s improved density of the fibers allows for a more consistent ball roll that will have you feeling like you never left the country club!


We don’t just focus solely on the putting game. Our Fringe golf surfaces can surround your indoor or outdoor putting green installation to help you expand your short game and perfect your chip shots.

Fringe Green

With its tufted nylon and reinforced root-zone, the artificial "blades" will stand up to continuous use, without having to worry about impacting its natural, realistic appearance.

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