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Residential Tennis Court Builder Services In Minnesota

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With our wide range of Sport Court® innovative modular surface materials, custom design options, and all accompanying accessories, C&C Courts is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to bring the backyard tennis court of your dreams to life. Contact us today to get started on acing your outdoor or indoor tennis court!

About Our Backyard Tennis Courts

  • Safest Tennis Courts in the World
    Our custom designed and installed tennis courts utilize innovative shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness technology.
  • Play Like the Pros
    Sport Court® surfaces allow players to capture the performance and feel of playing like a professional!
  • Customize Your Playing Experience
    Our experienced team offers customizable design options for every tennis court installation project.

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Top Quality Tennis Court Resurfacing

Every tennis player will tell you there’s nothing that beats playing on top of a carefully constructed, newly surfaced tennis court. At C&C Courts, we offer professional tennis court resurfacing services to upgrade your existing tennis court and get it back to the level of performance and comfort you deserve.

Whether you’re looking to give your court a facelift or your needs are to build a new court, we have the expertise to do it all! Our modular surface on your tennis court opens up a wide variety of sports you can play on your court, like pickleball.

We offer comprehensive tennis court surfacing solutions that are engineered to keep your court in pristine condition for many years to come. Make sure you ask about our 15 year limited warranty.

Custom Court Design for All Levels of Play

The quality of your backyard tennis court has an enormous influence on your overall playing performance. We offer a variety of athletic flooring surface options that make a direct impact on every aspect of any given tennis match, from ball response to reducing joint stress.

Check out these three premier athletic surface technologies we can implement into your custom backyard tennis court!

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PowerGame™ is one of the most advanced athletic surface technologies currently available on the market. Its design provides excellent traction and reduced abrasion that allows for safer play for players of all ages.

With its Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, PowerGame™ is also great for decreasing joint stress and fatigue, while still allowing for optimal ball bounce performance.

Power Game Tile

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Custom engineered design that outplays any modular surface in the game. Superior, double-length shock absorption understructure, Lateral Forgiveness™ technology that lessens impact and risk of injuries compared to any other traditional outdoor surface. From a company with over 45 years of experience building tennis courts

When it comes to upgrading your tennis court experience, it’s hard to find a better option than the highest rated surface available on the market!

Power Game Pro

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SportGame PB™

SportGame PB™ is one of the most authentic outdoor sport surfaces currently available on the market! Preferred by more serious, competitive tennis players, SportGame PB™ emphasizes performance while optimizing safety, with innovative materials engineered to absorb shock, lessen impact, and significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

Tennis players looking for more endurance than conventional acrylic courts will be pleased to note that SportGame PB™ is designed to last for decades, and can cater to both recreational and competitive tennis play, providing unbound support for hours of physical play.

With its precise ball control capabilities and implemented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, simply put, SportGame PB™ is the surface that helps build champions!

Sport Game PB Tile

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