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Residential Pickleball Courts In Minnesota

Personalize Your At-Home Pickleball Court

C&C Courts creates and installs custom indoor and outdoor pickleball courts using only the most advanced surface materials and technologies to ensure optimal performance, safety, and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our pickleball court installation process!

About Our Residential Pickleball Courts

  • Customize Your Game Play Experience
    Sport Court® has the experience, team, and resources to work with whatever outdoor or indoor spacing and visual requirements your pickleball court needs.
  • Surfaces Built for Premium Comfort & Support
    Choose from our select options of innovative athletic flooring materials, designed for absolute comfort and maximum support!
  • Consult With Our Expert Court Designers
    Work directly with professional backyard court and athletic flooring designers to ensure all your expectations are exceeded!

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Cherish a Game for All Generations

Pickleball is a game that was literally invented by families, for families. In 1965, three fathers – Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum — hailing from Bainbridge Island, Washington decided they needed a new activity to cure their kids of summertime boredom. Thus, pickleball was created, combining many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong to inject a little friendly competition into afternoons of rousing recreational activity.

Played with a slightly modified tennis net, as well as a paddle and plastic ball with holes, pickleball has emerged in recent years to be a perfect sport for people of all generations to get in on the action. At C&C Courts, we are firm believers that installing indoor and backyard pickleball courts or other multi-sport flooring not only provides ample opportunities for staying active, but allows for plenty of chances to create everlasting memories and better bond with your family, friends, and neighbors.

That’s why our team of multi-court design and installation specialists go above and beyond to ensure that your new at-home pickleball court will serve as the ultimate recreational hangout for many years to come!

Give Your Home the C&C Courts Advantage

When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the C&C Courts Advantage when it comes to customized, state of the art backyard court design and athletic flooring installation.

For starters, our premium game courts all come with exclusive warranties to ensure ultimate protection from any potential wear and tear over years of excessive usage. You’ll also reap the benefits of all of the following complimentary components of the C&C Courts Advantage!

SportsGame PB™

Custom designs that are optimized for the most authentic pickleball performance and experience possible, all while reducing the risk of injury. Our SportsGame PB™ surface is built specifically for enhancing your pickleball play, with industry-leading surface materials engineered for optimal durability and support.

Every backyard pickleball court we install has its own unique, customized properties that are specifically designed with optimal performance in mind. SportsGame PB™ offers shock absorption materials and UV stabilizers to ensure a flawless appearance, so you’ll have a backyard pickleball court that’s built to last and withstand decades of usage.

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Flawless Ball Response

When you choose from our selection of patented athletic flooring materials, you’ll be optimizing ball response performance, providing you and your family the perfect bounce for every serve and volley.

Safest Surfaces

Every pickleball court we install features our innovative Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, which is designed to reduce the impact caused by any quick shifts in direction, and in turn decreases the risk of any injuries being endured.

A safer surface means more peace of mind so you can stay focused on all the fun!

Advanced Technologies

To provide you with the perfect outdoor playing surface, we need to design the perfect outdoor playing surface.

Our Patented SportGame PB™ surface is engineered to match your specific pickleball playing preferences, allowing you to maximize your performance while optimizing safety for pickleball players of all ages. And with over 45 years of experience in pickleball court construction, service and maintenance, you can trust us to design and install you a residential pickleball court that will offer a lifetime of opportunities for making memories.

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