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Customize Your At-Home Multi-Sport Athletic Court!

Basketball shootarounds on Tuesdays. Pickleball tournaments on Thursdays. Soccer shootouts on Sundays. With our customized game court designs, you can play over 15 sports and games all on one court, or even flood your court for the ultimate Hockey Games all winter long! - View Brochure

About Our Multi-Sport Game Courts

  • Customize Your Game Play Experience
    We can design and install indoor and outdoor multi-sport courts that grant you unlimited access to all the games you love to play.
  • Safe & Supportive Sporting Surfaces
    Create a safer sporting environment for players of all ages by taking advantage of all the innovative surface materials we have to offer.
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Installation
    We offer extremely low-maintenance athletic flooring options that will keep your multi-sport court looking and feeling its best.

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Bring the Games Home With You!

Bring the recreation center to your backyard! A Multi-Sport Game Court offers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to versatility, ease of use and endless activities.

When you bring the court to your backyard, you can eliminate the hustle and bustle of having to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. Focus instead on enjoying precious moments of uninterrupted recreational activity!

Enhanced safety, emphasized security, optimal privacy; There are plenty of reasons why building your own sports utopia will serve as a long-lasting investment that will contribute to your family’s well-being for decades to come. When you let us bring the games home with you, you can rest assured that your new multi-sport game court will promote a healthier and happier recreational environment for you and your loved ones to take advantage of.

Be sure to check out all the surface materials we have to choose from to help you build as safe and secure of a game court as possible!

From Concept to Completion: Our Custom Court Process

Part of our passion for building custom game courts is the thrill of creating something unique, meaningful, and functional for all of our clients. We take pride in giving you the opportunity to bring your multi-sport dream court to life, by using our innovative Interactive Court Builder application. From choosing color schemes to selecting state-of-the-art surface materials for superior comfort and support, our customization process will take your new multi-sport game court from concept to completion through these initial steps.

From choosing color schemes to selecting state-of-the-art surface materials for superior comfort and support, our customization process will take your new multi-sport court from concept to completion through these initial steps.

Bird’s Eye View

The Interactive Court Builder app gives you control over all spacing elements for your new multi-sport game court, from court area sizing to game line dimensions, so you can get a bird’s eye view of how your new court will look in your backyard or home.

Choose Your Colors

The appearance of your new multi-sport game court is what truly makes your indoor or outdoor court yours and your’s only.

Pick and choose from a wide variety of colors to give your home court more flair, or upload your own logo to really make your new court stand out!

Accessorize to the Max

Ball containment, lighting fixtures, fencing, rebounders; whatever you want to add to your multi-sport game court, we’re at your command!

At C&C Courts, we don’t just build the court of your dreams, we bring it to life with game-changing accessories to take your playtime to the next level.

Stamp of Approval

Once you’ve fully satisfied with your custom multi-sport game court concept, we’ll make your dreams a reality by getting set up right away to start our thorough installation process.

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way with our progress, until you and your family can shoot that first hoop or score that first goal.

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Contact us today to learn more about all our customizable multi-sport court processes and get your free quote!

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