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Practice Like a Pro With Superior Indoor Athletic Surfaces

From pickup basketball games at the local rec center to weekend volleyball tournaments in the school gymnasium, we provide residential homes and commercial spaces with superior indoor game court surfaces that are built to last and improve quality of play! Choose C&C Courts for innovative indoor athletic flooring that take any game to the next level.

About Our Indoor Game Court Surfaces

  • Superior Surface Technologies
    Our indoor game court surfaces are crafted with the highest degree of shock absorption, abrasion resistance, and comfort.
  • Customize Your Indoor Game Court Experience
    Try our Design-a-Court technology to customize every aspect of your indoor game court surfaces.
  • Flexible Financing Options & Seamless Installation
    Take advantage of our flexible pricing options for any indoor game court surface installation project.

Here Are Our Superior Surfaces for Indoor Applications

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Maple Select™

Nothing makes a basketball court look more majestic than the look of hardwood maple!

Real maple floors cost a great deal to install and the maintenance costs can triple over its lifetime. Sport Court® Maple Select™ is a modular product that captures the look of a maple floor, but requires virtually no maintenance.

All of our indoor modular applications are equipped with a 2MM underlayment that’s installed for superior joint protection. We also offer a full spectrum of solid colors and four shades of Maple, so it is safe to say, we can find the perfect look for your gym!

Response Maple Court

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Response HG™

If you want to take our indoor Response surface to the next level with superior traction and shock absorption capabilities, behold the power of Response HG!

Response HG is specifically engineered and tested to ensure the safety of youth and adult players. And its renowned flexibility provides you with a durable multipurpose indoor surface that’s built to host essentially any group activity, while preserving your court’s appearance and integrity.

Response HG™

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For the most affordable, cost-effective commercial athletic flooring surface on the market, our Defense™ surface material is ideal for facilities looking to completely customize the look and feel of their new multi-sport court.

With over 20 colors to pick and choose from, our Defense™ indoor flooring is ideal for anyone trying to make a visual statement with their new commercial athletic court.


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Tarkett Omnisports

From indoor volleyball courts to top-of-the-line basketball courts, Tarkett Omnisports is a preferred indoor game court surface of any facility looking to provide more multi-purpose sport court opportunities.

With its emphasis on shock absorption and minimal maintenance, Omnisports prioritizes comfort for all players who step on the court, making it a wonderful addition to any school, community center, recreation center, or church!

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Dropzone Rubber

Built for maximum flexibility and impact absorption, rubber surfaces by Tarkett Dropzone are crafted with a recycled rubber underlayment, along with a virgin rubber wear layer on top to give it its appearance and color.

With its wide variety of colors, sizes, applications, and thicknesses, this is also a superior, spike resistant surface that’s ideal for any workout environment looking for noise reduction solutions. Our rubber surfaces are an ideal choice for any university or public weight room and fitness center.

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PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour

As versatile as it is durable, PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour by Tarkett is an essential indoor gym flooring surface for any facility that’s frequently dealing with excessive foot traffic, as well as catering to a variety of sports and games.

This is a seamless surface that comes in multiple options for thickness, giving you more flexibility to accommodate the spacing or sizing of your space. You’ll typically find this type of surface in field houses or other multi-purpose court areas, and is renowned for its low-maintenance properties that require minimal upkeep to preserve its integrity and appearance.

PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour Surface

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Comfort, safety, and multi-sport usage; these are the characteristics of any professionally installed Lumaflex surface.

By combining point-elastic surface properties with an area-elastic substructure, this system of surface absorbs more impact and unleashes more energy to all who play upon it!

Lumaflex Surface

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Sports Linoleum

For athletic environments that are catered to younger or beginner athletes, Sports Linoleum is a superb surface option due to its emphasis on comfort, support, and safety for early education facilities, fitness centers, and gymnasiums.

Plus, Sports Linoleum is composed of nearly all eco-friendly, sustainable materials, making it the most environmentally-aware athletic flooring surface of them all!

Linosport Surface

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Talk to an Indoor Athletic Flooring Expert Today!

Still not sure which indoor game court surface is best for you? Be sure to visit our surfaces page for a breakdown of all the innovative athletic flooring surfaces we have to offer, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our gym flooring experts!

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