So You Want To Add a Basketball Court To Your Backyard

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So You Want To Add a Basketball Court To Your Backyard

So You Want To Add a Basketball Court To Your Backyard

So, let’s talk about size first; there are a few benchmarks for size to consider, first keep in mind the free-throw lane is 12’ Wide and the distance from the backboard is 15’ so already just to get the free-throw lane in a backyard you will need about 12’x18’ keeping in mind the backboard should not be on the edge of the court (don’t want the kiddos to turn an ankle falling off the court).

If you want some three-point lines on the court (of course you do) you will need to go at least 27’ deep with the court away from the pole of the hoop. This will give you some nice room at the top of the three-point line to set up for the shot. Remember a three-point line is 19’9” (high school 3 point) from the center of the rim, not the backboard, not the pole and the center of the rim is 15” from the backboard. If you want the full range of the three-point line you will need to go a minimum of 45’ wide and ideal is 50’. The perfect backyard basketball court we build is a 30’x50’ as 50’ is a regulation basketball width and the 30’ gives you over 5’ of room at the top of the key.

If you do not have enough room for the entire 3 point line, just keep those benchmarks in mind as you downsize the court, we build a ton of basketball courts in the size range of 27’x27’ to 27’x35’ for smaller backyards. They give you the critical areas of the three point line and are a ton of fun to play on and can accommodate awesome 3 on 3 games!

Basketball hoops seem to be for sale everywhere now, but I do caution you in just buying a hoop online, who in the world is going to service it once it is in your backyard? We sell some of the best products on the market, from MagaSlam, Goalsetter, Sport Court Slam systems, and more and if we sell it, we service it, even 10 years from now! Glass is the best to shoot against as it gives you the best sound and response, but keep in mind they are glass so tell the kids do not throw anything against that hoops except a ball! We have replaced a few boards in our day from kids throwing a golf ball and other hard objects, which results in lots of shattered glass on your court and you are spending more on a backboard.

Surprisingly, adjustable hoops, in my opinion, are more stable than non-adjustable hoops and since adjustable are way more fun to play on and give the young kids a chance to gain confidence. Good Hoops will range in price. Do not go for a cheap hoop, you will regret it within a few years, the old adage you get what you pay for works here.

Construction for us is simple, we use concrete as our base, which I highly recommend as it stays flat and requires little maintenance, asphalt is very hard to get in a backyard and NEVER stays flat. We can buggy or pump concrete in a backyard so you won’t see a concrete mixer truck driving in your yard. They cannot do that with asphalt. The best part is the damage to the yard is very minimal as you do not have these massive machines in the yard with concrete.

What you do over the top of the concrete is up to you, you can top it with a product like our Sport Court™ Surface, leave it gray concrete, or apply epoxy paint over it. Keep in mind if you do want to apply epoxy over the top please put a vapor barrier under the concrete, otherwise, the epoxy will not survive, also keep in mind you must wait at least 30 days for the concrete to cure before applying any paint of epoxy to the concrete.

Many options, many price points, one-stop with us, and we can answer all the questions. Call us we have been doing this for over thirty years here in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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