• Fencing

    Ball Containment

    Keep the fun on the court with Sport Court® Ball Containment. Our fence system is a much better option than chain link, it provides a more transparent look and is quiet when a ball hits it. We offer both 5’ and 10’ options and always be added to your court later if you find you need to contain the excitement on the court.
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  • Court Lighting

    Court Lights

    Extend your playing time with Sport Court® Light Systems. Our lighting solutions let your family play a set of tennis or game of H-O-R-S-E well after the sun goes down. With our advanced LED systems, we can provide a quality lighting system that will last for years to come.
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  • fun pack

    Fun Packs

    Sport Court® Fun Packs provide you with a wide range of the highest-quality balls, racquets and other gear - everything you need for maximum enjoyment of your backyard court. No need to run all over town to find your gear, we have it all for you here in either a duffle bag or a sports bench.

  • Hoops


    Sport Court® has designed professional quality in-ground basketball systems that ensure the best in performance and safety. Our Slam Systems feature superior corrosion protection and an advanced height adjustment system for easy use by players of all ages. Tempered glass backboards deliver pro-level ball rebound, and the included backboard and pole pads provide increased safety.
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  • Multi-Net


  • rebounder


    Sport Court® Rebounders are a great addition to your court! From practicing pass shots off the rebounder to getting those reps with your tennis racquet to kicking soccer balls into it, you can train like a pro all by yourself! Our rebounders are quiet and can be integrated right into your fence line and are see through!

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