Just How Easy Is It To Install Your Sport Court North Home Gym or Game Court?

Introduction So,  you’re looking to get an outdoor or indoor court/home gym system. After a bit of Googling, you came across Sport Court North. Congratulations! Our exceptional customer service and sales team will provide you with the high-quality materials you need! To put you more at ease, this mini-list/guide will give you a general view…

The Best Physical Activity Apps for Kids Under 12

Introduction It is getting tougher for parents to keep their kids away from a screen, and outside. Whether it be due to safety concerns or an inability to compete with flashy colors, there are obstacles. These apps let you fuse your desires for a healthy child with an interested one. Physical activity does not have…

Top 10 New and Unique Sports Games to Play This Summer

A lot of people don’t consider the brain to be a sports accessory, but imagination can go a long way towards having fun. You can use equipment lying around, everyday items in the house, or even your own body and make up a new game. Just a few minutes of planning can prevent the few…

What “The Last Dance” tells us about how families’ should approach sports

The Show, The Man, The Problem Twenty-two years after Michael Jordan’s final championship with the Chicago Bulls, the world was finally able to get a behind the scenes documentary about what life was really like for the greatest basketball team in sports’ history. It would be hard to pick a better time than during quarantine…

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Keeping Your Child Healthy During Life Transitions

Life always has a certain amount of complications, but COVID-19 has increased the amount and frequency by tenfold. The resilient among us, including children, have been no less affected. This is why it is as important for parents to take this time to create as much normalcy and healthy behaviors as possible. Luckily, the internet…

So you want to add a basketball court to your backyard.

So, let’s talk about size first; there are a few benchmarks for size to consider, first keep in mind the free-throw lane is 12’ Wide and the distance from the backboard is 15’ so already just to get the free-throw lane in a backyard you will need about 12’x18’ keeping in mind the backboard should…

Benefit of Youth Sports

Four Social Benefits of Youth Sports

Sure, sports can help keep your child active, but they’re about so much more than that. Youth sports also offer a range of social benefits: Teamwork Sports teach kids how to work together to reach a common goal. It teaches them to think of the team instead of themselves. They’ll learn how to work with…

Improve Your Volleyball Game with These Tips

Sport Court is one of the most trusted court brands in sports – especially volleyball. Not only are we the official supplier for USA national teams since 1989, but we have also been the official surface for both USA volleyball and NCAA volleyball for over 20 years! The reason we make such great courts is because we know the game, we know what’s needed to make a high-quality court that is a cut above the rest. While we do what we can to help you play your best game, it’s ma…

Sport Court Basketball

Improve Your Basketball Shot with These 3 Tips

Ever hear your dad or coach say “Nothing worth having comes easy?” Your basketball shot will thank you for paying attention to that. If you want to connect your shots like Stephen Curry, you’re going to have to run through a few basic steps for a while. We’ve searched far and wide for the best tips to get nothing but net with your shots. Warm Up Before You ShootAll things that catch fire need to warm up first.


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