6 Backyard Game Court Ideas for Your Home

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6 Backyard Game Court Ideas for Your Home

6 Backyard Game Court Ideas for Your Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own backyard game court but needed some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of ideas to choose from when installing a backyard athletic court, including different types of sports or hybrid courts that can accommodate a number of games.

C&C Courts can show you the easy and awesome ways you can help you and your family get more exercise and playtime in your own backyard. Check out these six backyard athletic court ideas for more athletic inspiration!

1. Traditional Basketball Court

If basketball is your game, then a basketball court in your backyard is the best way to go. The beauty of a basketball court is that you can do a half-court, or if you have room, a full court.

C&C Courts can set you up with a complete court with baskets on either end, and you can spend hours playing basketball with your friends and family. You don’t even have to play basketball all the time, either. Other games, such as HORSE or Around the World, can help you stay active and healthy.

2. Combination Patio & Basketball Court

If you like a good patio but also want to include a sports court in your backyard, then a hybrid patio-basketball court could be right up your alley. Since C&C Courts helps you customize your court, you can design it to match your home’s aesthetic while still allowing you to pull up some chairs and relax after playtime is over.

3. Full-Size Tennis Court

Do you prefer tennis over basketball? No problem! If you have a large backyard, it is possible to build a tennis court. Tennis courts are built with the same idea in mind as a basketball court, which can also be customized to suit your preferences. You can improve your tennis game while enjoying the privacy and comfort of your home.

4. Putt Away on a Putting Green

While driving ranges are great for improving your long game, your own personalized putting green can help you improve your short game. You can spend time outside in your backyard practicing your putt. If you have the extra room, you could pair a putting green with a basketball half-court and take advantage of your backyard space.

5. Embrace the Cold with a Hockey Rink

Minnesota winters can be brutal, but why waste a nice, chilly day inside when you could be ice skating or playing hockey in your backyard? All that activity on your personal hockey rink will help you work up a sweat, and you won’t feel as cold.

Practice your ice skating moves or improve your slapshot! You can invite friends and family over to play a game of hockey without the cost of renting ice time at your local ice rink.

6. Multi-Sport Athletic Court

For the ultimate backyard fun, you can have a multi-sport athletic court built in your backyard. With C&C Courts’ multi-sport athletic courts, you can play over 15 sports in one place. Become the most popular house in your neighborhood when you invite over your friends and neighbors for the ultimate volleyball, basketball, or pickleball tournament.

Build the Athletic Court of Your Dreams Today!

C&C Courts in Minnesota is ready to help you design and build the sports court of your dreams. Never suffer from boredom again, and keep you and your family happy and healthy all year long. Learn more about our process of installing a Sport Court.

Call us today at 952-234-9838 or send us a message on our website. We look forward to becoming a part of your family’s heart-healthy plan!

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