If you have ever run or played basketball on a concrete court, you have noticed how hard it can be on your legs. Playing basketball on concrete can, over an extended period of time, lead to shin splints, joint pain (especially at the knees) and stress fractures. Concrete has no give and absorbs all of our impact without giving anything back – not to mention can do quite a bit of damage to your arms and legs if you happen to take a bad fall.

Sport Court’s Ortho-Cush surfaces helps soften your landing, reducing strain on your joints and springs back for quick recovery – our courts absorb the shock so your body doesn’t have to. This technology will save your joints and more than a few trips to the doctor. Our court surface options help to prevent nasty abrasions, so you can play your hardest without fear of injury.

Sport Court outdoor flooring is also perfect for young children. Our courts are designed with vertical-give to help cushion falls and prevent serious scrapes and scratches. The vertical-give and Ortho-Cush surface protects developing muscles and joints. Your small athletes will learn to play hard and fast as well as grow healthy and strong bodies protected from harsh and unforgiving hard surfaces like tile or concrete.

Playing on our courts doesn’t just benefit your body, it helps the environment. Every year Nike recycles over 2 million shoes into granulated rubber. This rubber is then used in our Sport Court surfaces. We have partnered with Nike since 1998 to make our courts performance ready and environmentally friendly.

You may think that choosing a court surface isn’t that big of a decision, but just remember that surfaces from Sport Court help take care of your body, your younger athletes and the environment.


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